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Ever feel that you don't have enough hours in a day, week, or month?


Nevermind putting fresh content or blog posts on your site, you feel like your drowning in every department. 

Or worse, you are putting up content, but the bounce rate is going nowhere? 


Hey there, I’m Lori, and I got things to share with you. 

Some are great, and others not so great. The good news I have a PLAN. 

Not so great: You’re only one person and you’re like a boat taking on water. You’ve decisions to make. That goes with being the boss. 

It’s time to admit that you are not a blogger. 


Here’s the good news: 

I am an experienced information technology professional. 

Better news: I am a blogger who can help you. 
Great news: I am Inbound Marketing certified. That means I know how to write blogs and content in a way the connects with your website visitor and since that’s all I do, I have the time for you. 

Lori Imdad, InfoTech, Blogger, Content, Writer
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A review of the content and blogs already on your site to see why it’s not engaging or converting your visitors.

After we discuss your goals for your website we’ll come up with a plan together. 

Then, I’ll go through all the content on your site, review google analytics data, and return with recommendations for new content and repurposing existing content that will boost your engagement.  

Blog posts and content written using the right formula proven to convert helps boost traffic, sales, and referrals. 

Need content that does that? 

You’re in the right place!

Have ideas for converting blog posts, but not the time?

Wishing that your wake up and find they are written and ready to post?

Now you can!

Rent my time, one day a week for getting your posts written in a snap!

Need some one to sound off ideas for your content or unsure whether topics you’ve planned will resound with your visitors? 

Let discuss it.

Sometimes just talking it through, hearing it out loud is the key to strategy & a little peace of mind.